24 Best Bands of the ‘90s – The Definitive List

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2. Rage Against the Machine

It seems that in the ‘90s, any combination of genres had a chance to work. But a mix of heavy metal and rap really hit the bull’s-eye. Rage Against the Machine based their music on metal instrumentals adding rap vocals and creating a new genre – rap metal.


Their debut album, named after the band, immediately met excellent reviews. It seemed that the world at the time needed this different kind of sound together with rebellious lyrics and political themes, so it didn’t take long for the album to become triple platinum. The leading single, Killing in the Name which remains their greatest hit, could be heard on every radio station, even with its controversial message and offensive lyrics.

The band suddenly became internationally famous bringing metal rap from the underground to mainstream. In 1996, their second album Evil Empire achieved the same success. Because of their anti-law philosophy, RATM became a symbol of rebellion and related to the youth in the U.S.

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