30 Best Songs for Your Road-Trip Playlist

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Whether you’re coming or going, whether you’re alone or with someone special, road trips are always an amazing and liberating experience. But they are not half as fun without good music to keep you company.

We have compiled a list of 30 best songs you should definitely play while you cruise the highway.

1. Ray Charles – Hit the Road Jack

Ok. You are packed, the gas tank is full, it’s time to hit the road and start the road trip you’ve been waiting for. Is there really a better song to start off any road trip than this old school rhythm and blues hit? Ray Charles’ classic is perfect for any new beginning because it just fills you up with massive amount of positive energy. Whether you’re going to “come back” or not, play this song as you pull out of the driveway and your journey is already off to a good start. It’s hard to guess what the inspiration behind the creation of this song by the legendary American musician and songwriter was, but because of it, it’s easy to understand why Ray Charles was called “the Genius”.


2. Funkerman – Speed Up

So, you’ve hit the road and started your journey. Now, what you need is to forget about everything that is bad in your life and just focus on the road. Focus on your goals, focus on your desires. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking forward to seeing a loved one, going to a music festival or for a well-deserved vacation. It’s time to play this song and to let yourself speed up. This is the song that will give you the push you needed. It will provide you with confidence not to hesitate and to grab whatever it is you want in the moment. And that is certainly the effect Dutch DJ, Funkerman, was after when creating this hit song a couple of years ago.

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