30 Best Songs for Your Road-Trip Playlist

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3. Lipps, Inc. – Funkytown

This 1980’s worldwide hit single is the thing you need after spending hours and hours driving on the open road. This trippy disco song will cheer everybody up and will bring all the positive energy you actually need during the road trip. Just start this song and soon all your friends will start to sing the chorus at the same time, bringing big smiles to every single face in the car. You may not be heading to funky town, but funky town is surely going to enter your car if you decide to take a chance and play this amazing tune by the one-hit wonder band – Lipps, Inc.


4. Lupe Fiasco ft. MDMA – I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now

Road trips are a fantastic way to relax. They are perfect for just forgetting all the troubles in your life. Forget about the underpaid job, the boss you hate, projects that are overdue. Forget about the fight you just had with your partner, forget about the tough childhood, about all the missed chances throughout the years. Forget about anything that could be creeping upon you at the moment. Give yourself the best possible therapy – a long road trip. It’s just you and the road. Nothing else matters. Turn up the volume and play this song made by an unusual rapper from Chicago who was always fighting against all the bad things in life with one of the most powerful weapons available – music. Do the same by just not caring… right now.

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