5 Divas in the Running for the New Queen of Pop

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Step down Madonna, there are new pretenders to the throne!

It has been pretty clear for some time that Madonna’s time is over. Yes, she will always be remembered as the original Queen of Pop, but show-business is a cruel mistress and it needs new blood, and there are many new, young faces full of energy.

So who are the ladies ruling pop scene at the moment? Let’s check them out, and you decide who is the most deserving of the flattering title.

1. Rihanna

The Barbados beauty is the absolute queen of transformations. Ever since she first caught our attention with Pon de Replay she kept changing her style and her genres showing she can swim in any waters. She went from the good girl, to good girl gone bad and has kept the fans anticipating her next move. She is also a total workaholic, since she releases a new album almost every year. Rihanna rules YouTube as she has nearly 7 billion views on her videos combined. And it’s no wonder, since she always surprises us with something fresh and controversial – just take a look at her newest video for BBHMM. You can love her or hate her, but you can’t stay indifferent about her.

2. Katy Perry

She may not be the best singer on our list, but she definitely has what it takes to be a major international star. She has a distinctive style and each one of her songs is a hit. What makes her so popular is the combination of qualities every star should have. Not only does she have the catchiest songs, not only is she incredibly attractive, she also has a great personality. Her image is not that of a cold princess, she is genuinely funny and approachable. The fans can relate to her because she is quirky and loves to poke fun at herself. Her music will stand the test of time because she is willing to experiment and evolve.

3. Beyonce


Beyonce is definitely a superwoman. She is managing her career and family at the same time and she is one of the most powerful and influential ladies on the planet to boot. And her story is an inspiration. Her claim to fame didn’t happen so easily, she had to work hard to get where she is now. Ever since she was a little girl, she knew she wanted to become a star, so she started singing at a very early age. Destiny’s Child was her golden ticket which opened every door for her. She is now one of the top selling solo artists in the world, her concerts are sold out in minutes and she is also a great humanitarian involved in numerous charities.

4. Taylor Swift

Nobody compares to Taylor because she is an ultimate girl next door. Even though she became quite famous at an early age, she kept her innocence and kindness. She has one of the largest fan bases in the world but she still acts like it’s no big deal. But Taylor has really proven she is a worthy contender with her new album 1989 because she transformed from a country-singing little girl to a true pop star and a grown woman. She showed that she can work with any genre and take risks. Along with great album sales, vast number of views on YouTube and millions of fans all over the world, she tries to make her fans happy every chance she gets.

5. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has been compared to Madonna many times because they both took bold moves and redefined pop music of their time. When Gaga first appeared, the world was instantly smitten. She gave us something new, never seen before. She was daring, controversial, and yes, maybe a bit crazy. But all this makes for a great artist and an extraordinary pop star. Every song of hers rules the charts, she smashes her competition almost in every category and reigns the social media kingdom. Her Little Monsters, as her army of fans is called, adore her and she really shares her love for them whenever she can. We can’t wait to see the next move of this true diva.

So, what you think, who will be the next Queen of Pop?