8 Reasons Why You Have to Love Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift quickly became America’s sweetheart and everyone’s favorite pop star. But it’s not only because of her music. It’s her personality that makes her stand out from other celebrities. She is the ultimate girl next door but a total queen on the stage. Here are the 8 reasons why you absolutely have to adore Taylor Swift.

1. Her Music Of course, this is the main reason we love her. Whether it’s country or pop, Taylor can swim in any genre. What makes her music so unique is that she writes her own lyrics, she lets us in on her secrets and makes us feel closer to her. But at the same time we can always relate to her songs. Whether we’re brokenhearted or happy, we’re always in the mood for some TayTay.

2. Her Attitude Although she’s very young, Taylor has a strong personality which allows her not to care too much about what other people think. Yes, she writes about boys. Yes, she dances at awards shows. But she does what makes her feel good and couldn’t care less about the haters. And while she’s at it, she is never afraid to make fun at her own expense. She is there to remind you that haters gonna hate hate hate, but you can just shake it off.

3. Her Cats – Taylor is the biggest cat lover you’ll ever see. She has two cats, Meredith and Olivia Benson, both named after characters from popular TV shows. And you could say that they are a bit of celebrities as well, at least on Taylor’s Instagram where she constantly posts adorable pictures of them. And if you run into her, she just might be carrying one of her cats around New York.

4. Her Opinion – One of the reasons she is so amazing is that she is socially aware. She is not just another empty-headed pop star. She has her opinion and she’s not afraid to say it. For example, now she’s supporting Emma Watson in her #HeForShe campaign, and she strongly opposes sexism and objectifying women. She is aware that she’s a role model, and she definitely wants to be a good one.


5. Her Kindness – She is a good and mature person, always speaking her mind and supporting causes. But she’s not all talk. She has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity. She’s helped the Red Cross, Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Nashville flood victims. She is also actively supporting cancer-fighting causes. It’s always nice to see such a beautiful person, not only on the outside but the inside as well.

6. Her New Sound – Taylor has been around since 2006, and for years she has been a modern country star with hints of pop in her music. But with her fifth album, called 1989, which was released in 2014, she fully transitioned to pop. She knew it was going to be risky because her fans didn’t expect something like that. But she did it, and it was an absolute success. The singles are some of her most successful yet, they are constantly played on radio and TV stations and they have hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. Keep it up, Taylor!

7. Her Style – Whatever Taylor decides to wear, she can’t go wrong. She keeps her outfits trendy but classic, and always adds something unique on the red carpet. With her poise and her style, she always manages to look elegant and so effortlessly beautiful. And her hair looks good whether it’s her trademark curls or straight bob with bangs.

8. Her Love for Her Fans – Taylor really cares about the Swifties, as they call themselves. She always finds new ways to surprise her fans and show them just how much she appreciates them. In fact, some of her most devoted fans were in for a surprise of a lifetime when she invited them to her home to get an exclusive first listen of her new album 1989. But that’s not all. She has crashed her fans’ weddings and bridal showers a few times, and she regularly gives away free tickets for her shows.