8 Signs that You Are a Pop Culture Freak 

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During the trivia night, you’re in charge of the pop culture questions. You know everything about celebrities including their middle names and shoe size. And you constantly annoy your friends by dropping movie references. Well, we have some news for you – you are officially a pop culture freak. But don’t worry, that just means you’re more awesome. True story.

Here are 8 dead giveaway signs that you’re total pop culture freak. 

1. Watching a Netflix marathon is totally ok

You’ve actually cancelled your plans or called in sick to stay at home and watch a marathon of your favorite show on Netflix. Who really needs socializing when you can spend the entire night binge watching House of Cards or Orange Is the New Black. You love it when it rains because it’s the perfect excuse to stay on your cozy couch, drink hot cocoa and stare at the screen for hours. 

2. You are everybody’s go to person when it comes to pop culture information

All of your friends already know that there’s no celebrity news they can tell you that you already don’t know. You can basically guess the celebrity whose name your friends can’t remember based on their hairstyle or one movie scene. And you just know you’re going to nail all the questions in pop culture section of Jeopardy. 

3. Your favorite time of the year is the award season

You need to prepare mentally for the award season. You have figured out everything from the hosts to the nominees and performers even before the show starts and you get emotionally involved when your favorite star gets or doesn’t get the award. You have the most fun rating every red carpet look on a scale from 1 to 10 and it’s you who tells everyone about all the winners tomorrow, even if they don’t care.


4. You freak out when you see a celebrity in person

Well, who can blame you? It’s that guy you watch on TV and he’s so perfect and handsome, and then you suddenly see him in the street and realize he’s a real person. And when you’re in concerts you’re the one sobbing and screaming unable to keep calm because you can’t believe you get to see and hear your favorite band play live.

5. Your friendships are pretty much based on your taste for TV shows

The standards for being your friend are pretty high. This person probably has to know (and like) all the TV shows you like, he or she needs to catch all the references you constantly make and needs to understand that you won’t be able to see them because the episode of The Walking Dead is airing. But once you’ve found that person, you’ll be friends for life.

6. You schedule your life around important TV show events

You had to put everything off when the season premiere of Teen Wolf was airing, and that’s what happens practically every time there’s a premiere or finale that you absolutely can’t miss. But then you get a bit too involved in the characters’ lives so you couldn’t find the strength to go outside for two days after McDreamy died. Not to mention that you get emotionally unstable every time a TV show ends and you decide to immediately re-watch the whole thing to feel better.

7. You know everything about celebrity relationships

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift posted adorable pictures from their beach holiday, but you probably already knew they went on a vacation. You love how cute Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes look together, but you secretly envy every girl that gets close to him. And, of course, you need to take deep breaths and count to 10 every time a celebrity couple breaks up because it’s just too painful.

8. Your inspiration for catchphrases comes from TV shows and movies

Actually, you just copy them when you’re with your BFF, while others stare at you having absolutely no idea what you mean. And so you’ve probably used “Bazinga!” a few times after a juicy comeback and you know that you need to “Treat Yo Self” at least once a year. You also know that “How you doin’?” is the best pick-up line ever and that “It’s gonna be legen – wait for it – dary!” promises a great start of the night.