David Guetta Hit Hard for His “Genius” Idea to Bring a Horse into a Nightclub 

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Lately, David Guetta is being talked about not only for his music, but for his outrageous ideas as well. The popular DJ is practically a resident on Ibiza where he hosts his weekly parties called F**K Me, I’m Famous at one of the most visited nightclubs there – Pacha.

Well, fame obviously got to his head, since he decided to spice up his act with some pretty crazy stuff.

In May he brought a bunch of girls in Native American attire along with a horse to the club. We can’t imagine how this occurred to Guetta and why he thought it would be a good idea, but after it was done he had to suffer the consequences. The Native American attire brought him negative publicity as he was called out as a racist for it. And as far as the horse is concerned – what was he thinking? The poor animal had to walk into the crowd at about 4am. Just imagine the stress it had to go through with all the loud music, drunk people and the light-show.


Concerned animal protection activists immediately called out Guetta for his foolish act and started an online petition so this never happens again. The petition has gathered around 10,000 signatures. 

Not only animal protection activists got angry with his behavior, the Canadian DJ Deadmau5 stated his opinion very clearly on Twitter when he wrote: “for real… horses belong on a farm, not in a shitty overpriced nightclub to be subjected to a shitty overpaid DJ.” He said it all.

Worried by all the criticism, Guetta’s rep made a statement. 

He claimed that the horse was fully protected before going into the club, it had ear protection and security. And it only appeared for 3 minutes. Even if all of that’s true, Guetta is not going to get out of this situation so easily. And we hope he has at least learned his lesson.

So are we going to see another horse at one of Guetta’s gigs? 

Nope. His rep added that’s not happening again, claiming the reason is that the club is too busy. Well you could have known that before traumatizing a horse in the first place.