Miley Cyrus Is This Year’s VMAs Host 

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It seems like it was only yesterday we watched Miley twerk alongside Robin Thicke on stage of the VMAs. But, in fact, it’s been two years. Twerking has become a global phenomenon and Miley has come a long way since then.

Well, not really. But Miley first appeared as a child star at Disney and she always wanted to show the world that she has transformed into a grown-up. So she used that opportunity to show us just how crazy she can be. If people didn’t know who Miley Cyrus was, from that point she became a constant topic in the tabloids with a scandal involving her almost every week. From naked videos and photo shoots and lesbian relationships to controversial statements, it became her specialty to shock the public.

So get ready for some wild VMAs this year, since Miley is apparently going to be the host.


She jokingly announced the news by posting a photo of her in an alien costume wearing sandwich boards that said “MTV won’t let me perform” and “so I’m hosting this year’s VMAs.” We can already guess what we’re in for.

The 25-year old singer has a history of outrageous behavior at the VMAs. 

In 2013, there was the mentioned performance with Robin Thicke that put her on the map and practically launched her to the stars. And in 2014 she won the Video of the Year Award and she sent a homeless guy she brought as a date to receive the award for her.

So what can we expect this year?

Anything, basically. It’s Miley, so she is bound to make a show. This year’s VMAs will air on August 30, and let’s not forget the show airs live, so we hope MTV knows what they’re doing. Whatever happens, we’ll be there watching every second of it and we can’t wait to see how Miley will surprise us in her new role.