Shocking! 10 Brilliant Musicians That Have Never Won a Grammy

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2. Nicki Minaj

You may say what you want about her, but Nicki Minaj can’t go unnoticed wherever and whenever she appears. When she released her first album Pink Friday she instantly became a star, and her album ended up number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.


Female rap was a bit left behind before Nicki revived it with her clever lyrics and catchy tunes. With her cheeky style and controversial music, Nicki reinvented rap and brought something new to the scene. Soon, there wasn’t a musician who didn’t want to work with her and she started selling millions of records worldwide and collaborating with numerous mega-stars such as Rihanna, Madonna and Jay-Z.

The New York Times named her “the most influential female rapper of all time”. The second single from her third album, Anaconda, was one of the most popular and talked about songs in 2014.

Still, Nicki has yet to earn that little gramophone known as the Grammy.

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