The Most Shocking Moments of the 2015 VMA’s

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Now, the dust has pretty much settled after this year’s VMA’s but some moments are definitely still carved in our memories. We knew that we were in for a treat when we heard Miley Cyrus was going to be the host of this year’s VMA’s but some other people used the opportunity to shock us as well.

1. Miley Cyrus

The scandalous singer promised us a good show back in July when she announced that she was going to be this year’s host of the VMA’s and she didn’t disappoint. Miley changed as much as 10 different outfits, each one weirder and more controversial than the previous one. We saw pretty much everything, from sideboob in her suspenders outfit to almost seeing her genital area since she was obviously too cool for underwear. She closed the night with a performance including 30 drag queens and she dropped a new free album. We didn’t expect any less from Miley.

2. Justin Bieber

Justin made a break in his career and he hasn’t performed at the VMA’s for five years. This year, he finally made a comeback performing his new songs Where R U Now and What Do You Mean. He opted for a minimalistic performance which mostly included only him singing on stage; no fire, no stunts (except that bit on the wire) and no fancy lightshows. After the performance, however, he was so overwhelmed by the fans’ reaction that he started crying. He is not so famous for his sensitive side, but that night we realized how emotional he really is.


3. Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj

The opening of the ceremony was interesting, to say the least. Nicki Minaj sang her new hits Trini Dem Girls and The Night Is Still Young but then Taylor Swift popped up in the background and started singing her new song Bad Blood. Nicki, of course, joined in. This wouldn’t be anything strange if the two hadn’t been in a Twitter fight just a month before. Wanting the world to see they have buried the hatchet, they performed together and sealed it with a hug at the end. No bad blood there, that’s for sure.

4. Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus

Maybe she didn’t have any beef with Taylor Swift, but Nicki was definitely holding a grudge against the host Miley Cyrus. After Nicki received the award for best hip-hop video for Anaconda, she used the opportunity to call out Miley for talking trash about her to the press before the show. She even went that far to call Miley a b*tch. The camera then showed utterly confused Miley and it was like the whole audience gasped at that moment. Miley went on with the show and tried to get out of the situation subtly, but she was obviously embarrassed. Definitely another win for Nicki that night.

5. Kanye West

We already know that shocking people is Kanye’s specialty and we will never forget that epic moment when he interrupted Taylor Swift on stage because he had a very important opinion to share. This year, Kanye received a flattering Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and as he went on stage he made a really weird speech. It was partly understandable because in his speech he admitted getting high before getting on stage. And then he continued his nonsense speech ending it by announcing he would run for president in 2020. Yeezus as president? Kim Kardashian as the first lady? Oh, the horror!