Will Harry Styles Be the Next to Leave One Direction?

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When Zayn Malik left One Direction, talks about Harry Styles leaving the band hit the rumor mills and it hit hard! TV and online media sources released stories left and right about how this dimpled cutie might be the next to abandon the all boy group responsible for hits such as What Makes You Beautiful and Night Changes.

A source who is close to the boys said that the recent Twitter feud between the ex-Directioner Zayn Malik and band member Louis Tomlinson could drive Harry Styles to leave the band. Styles reportedly wants to be known for making good music and not for the petty fights and drama that is currently plaguing the band. This may not happen any time soon however as Harry has just committed to stay for at least another album.

‘Harry Styles might be ready to move on’, claims Lance Bass.


Even Lance Bass, of the now defunct NSYNC, seems to think that Harry Styles might be ready to move on and start a path that is different from the other boys’. He also claims that Harry Styles might have been planning do so way before Zayn Malik announced that he was going to leave the group. Bass even thinks that it was a smart move on Malik’s end. Harry Styles is a household name, Lance Bass argues. Malik on the other hand wasn’t even on most people’s radars until he made a huge fiasco by quitting the band.

The news that Harry Styles and the band’s accountant Alan McEvoy created HSA Publishing Ltd. probably did not help matters. Alan McEvoy is the same accountant who established 1D Media in 2010. 1D Media lists all four boys and McEvoy as directors of the company. HSA Publishing Ltd. though only lists Harry Styles and Alan McEvoy as directors. News like this could drive One Directioners into a frenzy, but sources say that this new company has the complete approval of all the band members, and even Simon Cowell himself. So, Directioners can breathe easily for now.

Another source says that Harry is interested in doing a lot of work outside the band.

Styles is allegedly interested in acting, doing some solo work and working with other artists, but Harry has made it clear to the boys and to Simon that he is willing to do whatever it takes to make it work with the band. Simon and the guys have also reportedly given Harry their blessing, and are quite supportive of Harry’s efforts to do work outside the band.

The verdict is still out on whether any of this is true or not. Representatives from neither Harry Styles nor One Direction have released an official statement regarding the matter.