12 Hollywood Hotties That Married Average Joes

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These average-looking guys managed to score some of the most beautiful ladies in Hollywood. They must be either ridiculously charming or they have a great sense of humor, or their bank accounts might have something to do with it. Whatever it is, it gives hope to all the guys out there.

Here are 12 guys that went way out of their league – and succeeded.

1. Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock

The Baywatch beauty that made all the men on the planet drop their jaws decided to marry her boyfriend Kid Rock in August 2006. However, this celebrity marriage is one of the most short-lived ones because the actress filed for divorce only 4 months later. Allegedly, her dear hubby made a huge drama about Pam appearing in the Borat movie.

2. Katy Perry and Russell Brand

The quirky and often rude actor seemed to be quite aware that he shouldn’t let Katy Perry get away, so he proposed to her after only three months of dating. It’s clear that the sense of humor prevailed in this story, and the gorgeous songstress said yes. The world was shocked that he had the nerve to tell her it was over via text message after only a year of marriage.

3. Salma Hayek and Francois Henri Pinault

Salma Hayek is without a doubt one of the most stunning actresses ever. But looks don’t seem to matter much to this incredible lady because she married French businessman Francois Henri Pinault, who is not so easy on the eyes. They don’t care about what we or anybody else has to say because they have been happily married for over 6 years.

4. Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arend

This voluptuous redheaded actress may be every man’s dream, but she only has eyes for her husband, comedian Geoffrey Arend. And can you believe that she actually chased him? In a lovely story that Hendricks likes to tell, she was smitten by his charm and sense of humor from their first encounter and she asked him on a date. They are now happily married.

5. Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman

The star of The Hunger Games, Elizabeth Banks, is a beautiful blonde with a killer body. On the other hand, her husband Max Hendelman – not such a hottie. Nevertheless, the actress fell head over heels when she met him at college in 1992 and they have been together ever since. However, Hendelman only proposed to her after 10 years of dating. He is obviously a very confident man.

6. Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden


Cameron Diaz has dated some of the most handsome men in Hollywood – Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper and Jared Leto. So it’s striking that she decided to spend the rest of her life with punk-rocker Benji Madden. The fact that he’s six years younger than her may have something to do with it, but the couple is happily married since January this year.

7. Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen

These two are definitely and odd couple. She is a tiny Hollywood cutie and he is a 6’ 3’’ jokester that has enraged half of the planet with his movies. But Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen somehow found each other and seem to be having a perfect relationship. They have been together since 2002 and got married in 2005.

8. Mary Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

While we’re talking about truly odd couples, the Olsen twin and French businessman are at the top of every list. Not only is he far from handsome, he is also 17 years her senior. But even though nobody believed that it was true love, Mary Kate married Sarkozy in 2014 after two years of dating. We know she didn’t pick him for his good looks, but they seem to be happy.

9. Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

The American sweetheart we loved to watch in Beverly Hills 90210, Tori Spelling, decided to give a chance to a less-famous actor, Dean McDermott, in 2005. And while this average guy should have been ecstatic that such a beauty chose him, he cheated on her. Luckily, Tori forgave him and gave him another shot.They have been married since 2006 and have four children.

10. Beyonce and Jay Z

The ultimate power couple in Hollywood, Beyonce and Jay Z, are undeniably another strange couple with an insanely hot woman and an average-looking Joe. Yes, Jay Z is crazy successful, ambitious and rich, but Beyonce is not only one of the most beautiful women in the world, she is among the most famous singers as well. Regardless of their looks, they have been together since 2002 and are still going strong.

11. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

These two Hollywood pranksters (they’ve both starred in Punk’d) obviously have a lot in common. They both have a really good sense of humor, which brought them together, but when it comes to appearance, Kirsten is way out of Dax’s league. They don’t care about what people think and have been happy in love since 2007.

12. Adriana Lima and Marko Jarić

It’s widely known that girls like basketball players – they are tall, handsome and usually good-looking. However, Serbian basketball player Marko Jarić isn’t such a looker. His ex-wife, on the other hand, is a Victoria’s Secret model and one of the biggest Hollywood bombshells. The couple were crazy about each other for 8 years, until Jarić allegedly cheated on Lima. I know, we don’t get it either.