12 Steamiest Affairs Ever!

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2. Jesse James and Michelle McGee

The ultimate girl next door, Sandra Bullock shocked us with her decision to marry bad boy Jesse James, which (as we all suspected it would be) was a bad choice for her. The couple was happy, or so it seemed, for five years, and then problems started emerging.

James was having an affair with model Michelle McGee. Except for being tattooed and busty, she was known for nothing else, really. Until the affair, that is. McGee was more than willing to share all the dirty laundry with the press only to get publicity. Sandra tried to forgive her husband and move on, but it was pretty difficult considering his mistress appearing in the tabloids every so often.

Other women started coming out as well, claiming they were all involved with James. This was too much for the actress and the couple finally got divorced in 2010. Sandra got out of her bad marriage stronger than ever, she won an Oscar and even adopted a son.

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