15 Celebrities with Ugly Spouses

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They say that love is blind and in this case we can see why.

These beautiful celebrities obviously chose their significant others for their inner beauty and sense of humor. If they love each other, who are we to judge? But we might as well have fun while we’re at it.

Check out our list of 15 celebrities with ugly spouses..

1. Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman


This beautiful actress is known for her roles in The Hunger Games trilogy and Pitch Perfect movies which she herself directed. These days, she is thriving in the showbusiness world, and we get the impression that marital bliss might have something to do with that. Although her hubby Max Handelman, who is a director and writer, isn’t what we would call a stud, these two have quite a history together.

The romantic story says that Banks met her future husband on the first day of college. As soon as he approached her, she was swept off her feet by his charm and sense of humor. Soon after, they began a loving relationship that lasted for 11 years before finally getting married in 2003. In the beautiful ceremony, the couple read the letters from their first year of dating.

Now they have two sons, Felix and Magnus, and they seem happier than ever. Considering they have been together for over 23 years, their love has so far stood the test of time. We can confidently say that looks don’t play a role here and whatever Handelman has to offer is obviously working.

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