20 Celebrities You Forgot Were Once a Couple

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We have all made mistakes when it comes to love. Luckily for us, our mistakes don’t stay forever carved in media and our pictures from happier times are buried somewhere where nobody can find them. Celebrities, however, don’t have that privilege. Even though they probably try to forget their ex-partners, and they want us to forget about them too, it’s not so easy. So in case you forgot about these unlikely couples, let’s refresh your memory.


1. Tom Cruise and Sofia Vergara

Tom Cruise managed to seduce the hottest Hollywood actresses, but he somehow also managed to ruin his chances with each and every one of them. After Penelope Cruz ran away from the actor, he started looking for the new potential Mrs. Cruise and beautiful Vergara was his top choice.

They met through a friend, Will Smith, who set them up in 2005.After their first date, Vergara was delighted to see Cruise sending her flowers, chocolate and jewelry. But it was all just to warm her up to the idea of converting to Scientology. The Modern Family star refused to have anything to do with Cruise’s religion, so their romance ended swiftly. Vergara is now happily engaged to actor Joe Manganiello while Tom is still looking for the love of his life, but it would definitely have to be a woman equally obsessed with Scientology as he is.

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