Are Kris & Bruce Jenner Trying To Put an End to Kylie & Tyga?

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Kris and Bruce, as amazingly as it sounds, are actually fully supportive of their 17-year old daughter’s relationship with the 8-years older “Rack City” rapper Tyga!

The relationship between Kylie and Tyga has been under the eye of the public and perceived as controversial, mostly because Kylie’s “fragile” age. But sources claim, that after seeing how very much in love the happy couple are, Bruce and Kris are fully supportive of their daughter and believe that T-Raww is a great boyfriend. A source close to the family said:

“Tyga is like a part of the family, really close to everyone, including Kris and Bruce. He reassures them that he will take good care of Kylie and will do everything in her best interest.”

Moreover, they believe that Tyga is a great father to King Cairo, his son, and are even hoping Scot Dissick will learn a thing or two from him.  – Ouch Scot, that’s gotta sting!


Namely, it seems that power mom Kris is much more worried about Kourtney and Scott than she is about her younger daughter’s relationship. Scot’s ugly drinking habits are all but behind him, and as a source close to the Kardashian family puts it:

“His drinking problem is under control one day, and the other he’s going wild with alcohol. Kris and Bruce feel that if only Scot was more like Tyga he would be a much better father to his 3 children.”

Kylie will be turning 18 soon, but she is already the owner of a 2.6 million dollar home and it is clear that her parents completely trust her and see her as an adult. Sources claim that:

“She is practically completely independent and makes her own money. However, if Kris and Bruce wanted to pull the plug on her relationship they would do so a long time ago.”

On the other hand Tyga is going through a nasty custody war with his 27-year old ex, Blac Chyna, and Kris is worried that Kylie is going to be caught in the middle of it.

“She is afraid to which lengths will their custody war go to, and as every good mother, she is concerned about Kylie getting caught in the middle of their crossfire.”

But it looks like their relationship has got the green light from the Kardashian family.

What do you think: Is it appropriate for 17-year old Kylie to be seeing the 8-years older rapper?