Celebrity Gold Diggers or True Love?

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We already know it’s super difficult for celebrities to find true love and even when they think they have, it often falls apart pretty soon. And while it’s tricky for all of us to find that special someone, celebrities also have to worry about finding someone who will love them for them and not for their money. Sometimes, there’s a fine line between a gold digger and true love, but you should decide for yourself.

1. Elin Nordegren

This blond beauty comes from Sweden. And while she was just another unknown model back at home, she decided that she wanted a different kind of life for her. And considering she comes from a family of politicians, we have a feeling that she knew exactly how to achieve her goal.


So she came to America with big dreams and started out as a nanny to one golfer’s children. That golfer happened to be a friend of the most famous golfer and the richest athlete in the world at the time, Tiger Woods.She had no problem getting under his skin quickly and soon enough, the two were married. Six years and two kids later, a scandal with Woods’s infidelity emerged and even though the couple tried to save their marriage, they eventually divorced.

Since Woods cheated on her repeatedly and pretty much humiliated her in front of the whole world, it was completely justified that Elin wanted to leave. But before she left, she made sure to get a $100 million settlement which should last her as long as she lives.

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