Celebs that Got Back Together with Their Exes

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Break ups and divorces are something pretty normal in Hollywood. Due their busy schedules, long distance, but also cheating around, many celebrities can’t take the pressure of being a famous couple. But while for some break up means the end, some have decided that their love was stronger and rekindled their relationship. Here are 8 such couples.

1. Eminem and Kim

This one was a crazy roller-coaster ride from the beginning and we could all participate because Eminem gentlemanly rapped about every single detail of their failed relationship. The couple got together in 1989 and after turmoil of a relationship with ups and downs, they got married in 1999. Their happiness didn’t last long as they got a divorce in 2001. However, this crazy couple couldn’t stay away from each other and they got married again in 2006, only to get in a huge fight a month later that would end in a second divorce.

2. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

This is one of the most famous celebrity love stories. Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor was known for her many marriages, but her biggest love was actor Richard Burton. The couple got married in 1964 but their passion got the best of them and they constantly fought. Ten years later they divorced, only to fall back into each other’s arms a year later. The couple wed again in 1975 but divorced after only a year. They never quite got over each other and remained fond of each other until Burton’s death in 1984.

3. Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick

We have been watching these two breaking up and making up for eight years on reality TV. During the years they have had more fights than good times and in almost every episode of KUWTK, Scott would do something stupid that would infuriate his long-term girlfriend and mother of his three children and make her call it quits. But somehow she always managed to forgive him and take him back. Until this year when he was spotted getting cozy with another woman which was a final straw for Kourtney who vowed it was over forever.


4. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

Megan was only 18 when they met (Brian was 30) but the sparks flew and the couple started dating. It took Brian two years to propose but there was obviously something wrong since they stayed engaged for three years, after which they called it off. But after a few months of thinking it through, they decided to let the love prevail and reconciled, this time making it official and getting married. Unfortunately, after five years of marriage and giving birth to two sons, Megan filed for divorce.

5. Pink and Carey Hart

Songstress Pink and motocross racer Carey Hart met in 2002 and have had a pretty unstable on and off relationship throughout the years. They got married in 2006 but it only lasted for two years when they divorced. However, they stayed good friends and Hart even appeared in her video for the song “So What” which is about their break up. The couple obviously realized that their love is stronger than everything else and gave it another try in 2010. They remarried and are still happy together and proud parents to one daughter.

6. Prince William and Kate Middleton

We know they are the picture perfect royal couple now, but they actually had a rough path to their “happily ever after”. These college sweethearts began dating in 2004 and she was soon accepted into the royal circles as William’s girlfriend. But faced with reality after graduating and constantly pressured by the media, the couple split in 2007. However, the break up didn’t last for long. Royal lovebirds made up only a few months later and this time it was for good. The rest is history, and the couple is still going strong.

7. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Everyone has lost track of this couple’s break ups and reconciliations. The young, passionate love changes by the day and they are constantly a topic in the tabloids. The couple started dating in 2011 but by the end of 2012, they were officially done. Or were they? In 2013, they reunited again but they let the world speculate about the nature of their relationship. After a series of cryptic Instagram photos, they were officially back on in September 2014. But their happiness was short-lived and the two are apart. For now.

8. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Now, they are one of the strongest couples in Hollywood talking lovingly about each other every chance they get. But there was a time when their future was uncertain. The couple started dating in 2007 but they kept things on the low. After four years of dating, they suddenly called it quits in 2011. But they still spoke fondly of one another. And sure enough, after only three months, they were back on track and this time with an engagement ring shining on Jess’s hand. They are still married and happy as ever.