Gwen Stefani Opens Up on Her Divorce

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This year has definitely seen many celebrity divorces, but one shocked us in particular – Gwen Stefani divorcing Gavin Rossdale after 13 years of marriage.

It must have been hard on both of them. The 46-year old singer’s divorce petition stated irreconcilable differences, but what the real reason behind the divorce is remains unclear. Whatever it is, we were left in disbelief, but here’s how Gwen handled this surprise.

My life practically blew up in my face,” said the ex-No Doubt singer.

Gwen had to hit the reset button and is currently in a good place in her life,

I am in this new life and I guess it’s pretty awesome, I have to say,” Stefani explained. “Everything just feels new. I just feel inspired. I don’t know how else to describe it.”

But getting there wasn’t easy at all,

I don’t have anything to hide. Everybody knows that I was married forever and now I’m not. So, could you imagine what my life is like right now? It’s crazy!”

She turned to music in her hour of darkness, but it didn’t go so smoothly on her first day back in the studio.


“On the way to the studio, that first time, I didn’t want to go. I wanted to be in my bed and cry. And I did cry all the way to Santa Monica. I was thinking ‘What am I doing? Why am I doing this?” revealed Gwen as a guest on the Mornings with Carson Daly on 97.1 AMP Radio.

Everything is OK now, but in the beginning it was just difficult dealing with everything,” said Gwen.

She made the best of the situation and used the unpleasant experience of going through divorce to make a new album, so she made herself write 19 songs in 8 weeks. Unbelievable!

Every song is riddled with pure raw emotions and it makes her go through it all again. Among those songs is the love ballad – Used To Love Youwhich is dedicated to her ex-husband. But she does admit that there were a few, more angry tracks, that weren’t featured on the album.

Gavin and Gwen have 3 sons together, Kingston (9), Zuma (7) and Apollo (20 months).

After the divorce, there have been whispers connecting Gwen with country singer and her The Voice colleague, Blake Shelton. When asked about it, Gwen stayed secretive and mysterious saying, “I’m not going to answer that right now. But I think he’s hot, don’t you?”

However, a little birdie told us that they really are an item!