Rihanna & Chris Brown At It Again! Years After He Still Loves Her Madly

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These two have had their fair share of ups and downs but they just can’t shake off one another. And now, more than ever, it seems that Chris Brown can’t get over RiRi.

The two of them have been talking and spending time together lately, and it looks like Breezy is falling in love with Rihanna yet again. Hollywood Life’s sources actually claim that Chris said that “talking to her is even better than sex”.

Breezy is on cloud nine that they are on good terms again and it didn’t take him long to realize that he still loves her to death, as sources claim.

“Rihanna was and still is the only girl in the world for Chris,” exposed a source close to the rapper and added that “he would do anything just to be with her again.” And it’s not just her beautiful curves that he loves – even though he does think “she is the most beautiful woman on the planet”, but he also thinks she has “a soul that only an angel could have”.


There were also some sources reporting that the ex-couple have reunited, but these rumors are yet to be confirmed. 

Chris isn’t pushing things and he is just enjoying the fact that they are on friendly terms again. But he would love to get her to perform on stage with him on his One Hell of a Nite Tour.

“Chris has been begging her to come and join him on stage as a surprise performer,” an insider shared this with Hollywood Life. Considering they are spending a lot of time lately, and that their relationship is better than ever, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

Breezy has high hopes for an on-stage collaboration with RiRi!

“He would definitely love to get up on stage with her, just like they used to and get down on one of their past collaborations. If she says yes and joins him on one of his tour stops, he’d change the tour’s name to One Epic Tour,” claim sources.

Will love ignite again among these two and will RiRi join Chris on stage or is any kind of collaboration, musical or romantic, just a thing of the past? – What do you think?