Ryan Seacrest Snatched a Miss Teen USA Winner

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Ryan Seacrest is going through a lot of changes, as his American Idol gig is coming to an end, and it looks like he has found a new love in his life – and she’s a hottie!

He was spotted last Saturday night at Il Piccolino having dinner with Hilary Cruz, the 2007 Miss Teen USA. Cruz might not be more famous that Seacrest’s ex love Julianne Hough, but she is certainly smoking hot. – Nice going Ryan!


Sources say that the couple have been dating for just three weeks now, but have connected really well and are having a lot of fun.

Even though there have been speculations of Ryan seeing Renee Hall, looks like Miss Teen of 2007 has won the love of the American Idol show host.

As we said, 26-year old Hilary was crowned Miss Teen USA in 2007, but has played in several TV movies since then, and even made an appearance in Jesse McCartney’s Superbad music video. Considering that Seacrest knows almost all of Hollywood he could certainly open a lot of doors for the young model/actress.