‘Scientologists Wanted Me to Marry Tom Cruise’

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Tom Cruise is the face of Scientology and since his divorce from Nicole Kidman they have been trying to find a “suitable” wife for him. Even while being married to Katy Holmes, the leaders of this cult have been trying to push her aside and pair Tom up with a girl that would be more “in the spirit of Scientology”.

This is the story of a Norwegian woman that was basically being auditioned for Tom Cruise’s wife.

The truth came out after the release of the much awaited HBO documentary, Going Clear, which reveals the secrets of the most powerful cult in Hollywood. The documentary has been making headlines, and one cinema owner even had to cancel further screenings as he was getting anonymous threats.

It’s a shocking, terrifying film that exposes many truths and secrets of this awkward organization,” wrote Pearce Morgan for Mail Online.

For quite some time now Scientologists have been trying to find a wife for Tom Cruise, one that would help improve his image which has been hurt by his connection to the cult in the first place.

Iranian actress Nazanin Boniadi was “recruited” to become Tom’s girlfriend, but when they started seeing each other she showed disrespect for Scientology leader David Miscavige. This was of course more than enough for the Church leaders to call it off. And mind you, this was before Tom’s marriage to Nicole Kidman.

One woman went forward and talked about the recruiting process.

Norwegian woman, Anette Iren Johansen revealed the truth of how Scientologists have been faking movie auditions in order to build a database of women – potential wives for Tom. The location where the audition was held is Copenhagen, Anette’s hometown.


They told me I was doing an audition for a series of films about Scientology trainings, and I was never notified about the real reason behind it all. I thought it might be exciting because I’ve never worked on something like that before,” said Anette.

She reveals that the whole casting process was weird, as she was requested to wear heavy makeup, and there were even some unpleasant questions, like did she have any “sexual irregularities”.

I asked Tom’s assistant what does he mean by “sexual irregularities” and he answered that he was referring to any sexual perversion. I told him ‘no’. Then he asked me if I ever had a homosexual encounter, and he continued by defining sexual irregularities and asking me about fetishes, homosexuality, and threesomes. Every time I just responded ‘no’. He seemed very intimidating, I didn’t dare ask him anything,” said Anette about the selection process.

The Church of Scientology made her sign a confidentiality agreement. Anette is an ex-member of the Church of Scientology, which she joined because she hoped they could help her become a veterinary nurse. In the end they only drove her to bankruptcy.

Even though he was seeing Katie Holmes at the time, they organized auditions for women. It all makes sense, they control everything when it comes to Tom,” concludes Anette.

Rumors have it that Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, and Kate Bosworth have all passed the audition.

It all started with Mimi Rogers in 1985.

Going Clear continues making headlines with news of David Miscavige arranging Tom Cruise’s divorce from Mimi Rogers, his first wife. Mimi and her family were long-time Scientologists and she was the one to introduced Cruise to the cult. Rogers allegedly though that Scientology could help control Tom’s womanizing habits.

The two of them married in 1987 and the Church of Scientology was delighted to have such a prominent new member. However, Rogers’ father had left the church and was a so-called “squirrel”, a person who practices Scientology outside of the official Church, which was perceived as problematic.