The #FollowMeTo Couple Got Married

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Instagram’s insta-famous travel couple just got hitched on June 6 in their native Russia, making the internet go: #followmetoo #relationshipgoals #travelgoals.

The couple, which has inspired thousands because of a beautifully curated Instagram feed filled with magnificent backdrops, gorgeous clothing and ubiquitous hand-holding, got married on Saturday. In true #followmeto fashion, the groom Murad Osmann took a picture of his wife Natalia Zakharova leading him to their surrealism-inspired wedding.

The love-struck groom captioned the photo with “#followmeto the wedding with my love @yourleo. I promise to hold your hand and tell you I love you every day for the rest of our lives.” The couple became engaged two years ago.

This wedding was nothing short of ethereal. It was glamorous and tasteful despite being elaborately styled. 

At the helm of the #followmeto project is civil engineer turned photographer (and now groom!) Murad Osmann. The photos are regularly featured in Osmann’s Instagram profile (@muradosmann). The series came about completely by accident.

According to Osmann, it all started when his girlfriend, now wife, Natalia became annoyed with him because he was preoccupied taking pictures instead of enjoying the scenery with her. 


Nataly was a bit annoyed that I was always taking pictures of everything, so she grabbed my hand and tried to pull me forward,” the photographer revealed to the Daily Mail (UK) in 2013. “That said it didn’t stop me from taking photos while she was pulling me. So that’s how it all started.

Murad said that his incessant picture taking is because he wants to share his world with other people. He wants to show others how he’s experiencing whatever country he and his girlfriend are in at the moment. The couple has been to Hong Kong, Bali, India, Singapore, China, Italy, Germany, Berlin and many other countries.

We can’t wait for more pictures from Mr. & Mrs. Osmann and we wish them luck, love and more adventure in their married life. Cheers!