Wedding Bells Ringing For Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris (Inside Information)

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Are we hearing wedding bells for Tay-Tay and her new DJ beau? We’ve got insider information!

Taylor Swift is no stranger to rushing into relationships. So could she be rushing into the one she currently has with Calvin Harris? Some sources seem to think so.

A source of Taylor’s confirmed to OK! Magazine that Harris might be moving into Swift’s L.A. apartment very soon. The source says of the couple,

Taylor has asked Calvin to move in with her in L.A. and he’s accepted. Calvin has moved a bunch of his stuff into Taylor’s place. She knows they are into this for the long term. They adore everything about each other including their friends and family. It’s early days still, but these two are crazy in love and ready to dive straight in. He’s as smitten as she is, so their attitude is like, why not?’


Even more intriguing are the rumors that Calvin Harris has been staying at Swift’s New York apartment.

Whoa, these two are getting super serious. 

Even more serious are the rumors that a prenup is already in place for the couple. This would be a wise personal and business decision for Taylor Swift, who by the end of 2014 was already worth $200 million. Calvin Harris isn’t doing so bad either as the DJ is reportedly worth $110 million.

In true Taylor Swift style however, she has been spotted looking at properties in Harris’ native England. She is rumored to be eyeing a period property that is worth over $13 million, just 35 miles outside of London.

Sources close to the Bad Blood singer reveal that Taylor definitely has marriage on her mind all-day-long. “She is obviously in love with him,” our source said, “And he is in love with her. We honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they jumped the gun and got married.” 

While we are still waiting for confirmation from reps on both sides, it will be mighty interesting to see how all of this plays out. Knowing T. Sweezy, she’s got new material to write about.

Whether she’ll be singing about “forever” or getting us to sing along to another angsty breakup song, we’ll just have to wait to find out.