10 Celebrities Who Aren’t as Nice as They Appear to Be

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Sometimes the nicest celebrities are actually the meanest. They are all smiles in front of the camera, but once that light is off, they turn into unrecognizable jerks. Unfortunately for them, Hollywood’s secrets all come out sooner or later and our dear, perfect celebrities are exposed in their true colors.

These 10 stars could work as undercover spies, because they sure fooled us!


1. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is the best basketball player ever to walk this earth, and even with such a flattering title, he seems like a down-to-earth guy. But looks are deceiving and Jordan is known for occasionally being really mean and douchey.

First of all, he is a major womanizer who cheated on his wife and consequently got divorced. This is not the first time an athlete thought he could get away with an affair, and keep the comfort of his family uncompromised. Another thing you can hear about this great player, is that he would be very aggressive towards his teammates. He didn’t have any of that team spirit and would impose himself as better than his teammates by verbally attacking them and humiliating them.

Also, he isn’t too keen on hanging out with his fans. You would think that a celebrity like MJ would enjoy signing autographs but no. Several stories of shocked fans emerged, claiming Jordan was very rude to them as they asked him for a photo.

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