10 Celebrities Who Aren’t as Nice as They Appear to Be

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2. Julia Roberts


Ever since she starred in Pretty Woman as, well, the pretty woman, Julia Roberts won all of our hearts and became every director’s number one choice as leading actress. Soon, however, many of them realized how hard it is to work with Roberts.

She suddenly became a diva throwing tantrums on set whenever she didn’t like something. Once she even threw a dress she didn’t want to wear across the room and swore at the stylist for just doing his job. But there is a worse thing you probably didn’t know about the actress.

Her half-sister Nancy was quite overweight while they were growing up. In her sister’s most tender high-school years, Julia had already become a star. Like being “Pretty Woman’s” less attractive sister wasn’t enough, Roberts constantly made fun of her and bullied her for being fat. The two pretty much argued over the years but then tragedy struck. In 2014, Nancy decided to take her own life. In her suicide note, she wrote that it was her siblings who drove her into the pits of depression.

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