10 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Transformations

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Sometimes, a little help from the surgeons is just what the doctor ordered. But some stars have certainly gone overboard by trying to look younger and prettier. And once they’ve tried it they couldn’t get enough. Take a look at these 10 celebrities that liked going under the knife just a bit too much.

1. Donatella Versace 

Donatella is obviously the most recognizable face of Versace, a fashion giant. It is hard to imagine that someone who apparently has no idea how beautiful people should look like is at the same time chief designer and Vice President of a company which dictates fashion trends in the world.


Donatella had her first plastic surgery during the early 90’s, and has continued to make herself “more beautiful” ever since. She has done multiple face lifts and has also put lip and breast implants.Put all of that together with a nose job and you get a person who almost doesn’t look human, but on the brighter side probably doesn’t need to try hard to impress everyone at Halloween parties.

Donatella now needs to use tons of makeup in order to try to minimize the damage several plastic surgeons have made throughout the years. But, all of that doesn’t seem to bother Donatella because her fame and wealth continue to grow. She is actively involved in the creation of a super-luxurious hotel chain, Palazzo Versace, not only as a shareholder but also as its creative designer.

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