11 Celebrities with Deformities that Will Shock You

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And before you stop to think that we are about to shame these ten people, do not fret: this is a list of 11 celebrities who took their strange (and sometimes eerie) conditions, and learned how to own them. Not afraid to publicly out their physical differences, these people learned how to rock their circumstances, not letting them hinder their success.

1. Ke$ha

The notorious wildcat, singer Ke$ha also has a wild secret below the waist. She was born with an extended part of her backbone, medically termed the vestigial tail. She is also proud of how different it made her, and saddened that it was removed: “It was a tiny tail, about a quarter of an inch, then they chopped it off and stole my tail. That was when I was little. I’m really sad about that story.”

2. Taye Diggs

“Private Practice” star Taye Diggs was born with six digits on each hand: “My mom told me they asked her if she wanted to let the digit grow or to remove it, and they removed it. But I could have been really handy.” Playfully ambiguous, Diggs shows he is comfortable with that tidbit from his personal life, going so far as joking that he is “actually an alien”.

3. Elizabeth Taylor

What gave this gorgeous Hollywood actress her signature look was actually a condition she was born with – distichiasis. It is a genetic mutation resulting in an extra set of lashes growing inside the eyelid. Even though most people would suffer inflammations, eye irritations, and a whole slew of other complications, Taylor managed to bypass them all. The mutation ensured her captivating looks and many a audience sighs.

4. Denzel Washington

On our list is also a celebrity who earned his deformity through physical injury. Not a consequence of a birth defect, but actually a series of reckless mistakes during football practices, Denzel Washington managed to break his pinky finger so many times it started to twist the other way. Even today, he is amused by the condition the finger was in, saying his kids loved it as a trick and called it the “magic finger”.

5. Ashton Kutcher

“When everything else is this good looking something’s gotta be messed up!” said Ashton Lutcher on air at a talk show, when he proudly (and humorously) showed off his webbed toes. With a chuckle, and lightheartedly, he approached his deformity called syndactily, which seems to be the most common of “strange deformities” of celebrities, one of them being star actor Dan Aycroyd himself.


6. DJ Paul

The founder of a famous hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia, this hip-hop artist has a mysterious brace on his right arm. It is not entirely certain why, but there have been fan speculations that DJ Paul actually has a deformity he has been struggling with since childhood. It is speculated to be a birth defect that prevented his hand from fully forming.

7. Gerard Butler

Who would have thought that this Spartan of an actor and female heartthrob was deaf in one ear? When he was a child, Gerard Butler found he had a deformity that affected his hearing, and the uneven shape of his right ear. Butler himself admitted he struggles with tinnitus – an incurable deformity which manifests as a common to constantly present ear-ringing.

8. Karolina Kurkova

Model Karolina Kurkova suffered an umbilical hernia when she was born, which required immediate surgery after her birth. As a result, this top model has no belly button! In magazines, they are usually photoshopped in, but during live shows, Kurkova proudly shows off her scars and debunks the myth that the lack of a bellybutton is actually a vanity-induced stunt.

9. Seal

Despite countless ridiculous rumors that Seal’s scars are from tribal rituals or animal attacks, the singer never seemed to care so much about the attention his facial scars brought him. The sullenness and visible carvings in his cheeks were caused by Lupus, as well as his hair loss. Luckily, that did not stop the singer from having a fruitful and happy life, both with his career and family.

10. Catherine O’Hara

Seemingly not suffering any kind of condition at first sight, O’Hara’s problem actually cannot be seen by the naked eye. She suffers from dextrocardia – an ailment characterized by her organs in the chest and abdomen switching places. The ones supposed to be on the right side are on the left, and vice-versa.

11. Shailene Woodley

This beautiful young actress actually has prehensile hands and feet. This means that she can spread them wider than an average person, and even manipulate them in ways not many people can. Using her feet, she can hold hands with people, for example, and do nearly everything a person can do with their hands. She proudly showed it off on The Conan Show a few years back.