12 Biggest Hollywood Douchebags

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Some celebrities let fame get to their head and become these crazy, ego-centric jerks who think the world revolves around them. We hate to break it to you, guys, but the fact that you have money and fame doesn’t give you the right to act like a total douche.

We love to hate these 12 obnoxious stars, and Hollywood definitely wouldn’t be the same without them – mostly because it would be a much better place!

1. Charlie Sheen

Behold the king of all douchebags – Charlie Sheen. This star used to be the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, but his outrageous lifestyle and behavior made him a thing of the past. The only thing that you can hear about him lately is what newest scandal he’s been a part of.


So where do we start with this world-class douchebag? First there was the gun accident, when Sheen shot his fiancée in the arm. Soon after, she wasn’t his fiancée anymore. But the actor decided he wouldn’t sulk for long and decided to date several porn-stars. He got very fond of adult entertainment actresses, that he actually dated quite a few of them throughout the years. At one point he even lived with two women at the same time. Either extremely cool or totally douchey!

He even assaulted one of his wives and most of his kids have been taken away from him. Sheen is also famous for his drug problem and he has even suffered a stroke due to overdosing on cocaine. Self-centered and egotistical, Sheen is known to have messed up many of his collaborations, the most famous being the popular TV show Two and a Half Men, from which he got fired for insulting the director.

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