12 Biggest Hollywood Douchebags

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2. Mel Gibson


Under the excuse of being manic-depressive, Mel Gibson thought he could get away with a lot of things. Alcoholism, anti-Semitism, disrespecting women, these are all on the list that describes Gibson’s douchey behavior. So let’s start from the beginning.

Mel Gibson was a household name, he was handsome and talented and praised for his professionalism. His movies were one success after the other, but then everything started going downhill. He started drinking heavily, even starting off his days with beer. Not long after, he was caught driving under the influence and he even offended a police officer and made some really distasteful comments insulting Jews. That was not the only time he insulted a group of people like that, in his younger days he also insulted homosexuals.

He would always apologize after making such stupid statements, but then he would do it again. The biggest drama, however, happened in 2010 when Gibson was accused of domestic violence by his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva who even obtained a restraining order against the actor to protect herself and their daughter. Gibson is more than a douchebag – he is seriously demented.

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