12 Celebrities That Were or Are a Part of Religious Cults

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We know that celebrities tend to go to the extremes when it comes to many things including religion. So, a lot of stars practice alternative religions such as Kabbalah or Scientology, but some of them didn’t choose their religion for themselves. They were born in a weird religious cult and barely got out of it alive.

These are the celebrities with the strangest religious backgrounds – present or past:


1. Winona Ryder

Now she is a famous actress and a Golden Globe Winner, but her childhood wasn’t so easy. When she was 7, her family moved to a commune called Rainbow near Elk, California. She and her family lived there and shared a 300-acres piece of land with seven other families. Since the area was remote, they didn’t have any electricity. Winona didn’t have a TV, so she developed a love for reading. This led to her interest in acting.

Since her childhood was rather unconventional, when her family moved from the commune, she was an awkward child and she was often bullied. Eventually, she started auditioning and the rest is history. However, even today, Winona acts a bit unusual. She has never been married, and everyone will always wonder what the shoplifting incident from 2001 was all about.

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