12 Celebrities Who Were Once Dirt Poor

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The “rags to riches” stories are everyone’s favorite. There is something inspirational about celebrities who started in the slums, only to climb the ladder to stardom. Whether they came from broken homes, lived in the forest, wore clothes made out of potato sacks or traveled with a religious sect, these 12 celebrities are sure to give you that motivational boost to believe that dreams do come true.

1. Jim Carrey


Despite being a major name in comedy, Jim Carrey had far from a joyous life. The youngest of four children, Carrey was also the funniest. His parents were often ill, and he took it upon himself to keep them going by making them laugh. However, the family entered a bleak period when Carrey’s father lost his seemingly secure job as an accountant.

The fact that his father gave up his dreams to ensure his family’s happiness at a job he hated, only to lose it later made a great impact on Carrey and ultimately cemented his idea on pursuing a career in show business.

The family then had to work as factory caretakers and cleaners, with little Jim juggling work at night and school by day, which forced him to drop out. After some time, the turmoil among factory workers made the family quit and move into a Volkswagen camper van. From there, Carrey began exploring his skills as a comedian, and with the support of his parents, started performing in stand-up clubs.

His rise to fame was slow, but colored with perseverance, as he faced countless setbacks, failed shows and booing audiences. From a child working to help his family survive, to a Hollywood star, Carrey’s net worth is now estimated at $150 million. Not bad for a guy who spent a part of his childhood living in a Volkswagen camper van.

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