12 Celebs You Didn’t Know They Are Gay

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1. Cynthia Nixon

Known best for playing Miranda Hobbes in the hit TV series Sex and the City, Cynthia has never been too girly, but it wasn’t quite obvious that she is gay. However, the stories about her sexuality are not rumors, as she openly talked about her relationship with a woman called Christine Marinoni which began back in 2004. The couple is now happily married. Before this, Cynthia had a straight marriage with Danny Mozes with whom she had two children.


Cynthia said that she doesn’t believe that bisexuality is a choice, but a fact, and the only thing you can choose if you are bisexual is whether you will engage in such a relationship or continue acting as a heterosexual. She told The Daily Telegraph that she has never been with a woman before Marinoni, or fallen in love with one, but when it happened it felt like the most natural thing. She didn’t feel like anything had changed and she was just happily in love with another women and she accepted it as something natural.

After having been married to Danny for 15 years and being a housewife and mother, she found some liberation in this gay relationship, and her friends saw the improvement in her mood – saw that she became happier. Her co-star Kristin Davis said, when talking about Nixon and Marinoni, that love is love, meaning that it doesn’t matter which gender you are, if you love each other you should go for it! And that’s exactly what these two did.

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