12 Dumbest Celebrity Tattoos

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The first concern one has when they decide to get a tattoo is what it will represent. Once that ink is on your body, it acts as a showcase of an aspect of your personality, life philosophy, interests, or even loved ones. It makes people look deep, versatile, interesting, or… just plain dumb.

Tattoos that are out of place, puzzling, or downright dumb are less of an artwork, and more of a funny conversation starter. And it seems that not even celebrities are immune to them.

The stars on our list may have style, money and fame, but they can still make you ask yourself – Why?


1. Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is a celebrated singer/actor/comedian/writer/producer. One would expect that such a versatile man would have something profound to leave on his skin in ink. And yet, Foxx decided to do a tribal tattoo on the back of his head. He was always in the spotlight for his strange clothing and hairstyle choices, but now his tattoo has become the focus of attention.

Even though Foxx himself hasn’t said anything about the reason behind his odd choice for a tattoo, there are speculations among fans. The most popular ones include: influence from his then-girlfriend, a birthday gift to himself for turning 40, and the most interesting one – a cover-up for hair transplant scars.

Many fans pointed out that no deep meaning can save Foxx’s tattoo from looking like a stray tramp-stamp, and it sure doesn’t look very fetching in the glare of camera flashes.

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