12 Openly Bisexual Celebrities

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You would be surprised with how many super-famous celebrities have admitted to being bisexual. They have either experimented, or they have been in a relationship with the same sex.

And most of them claim that it’s love that matters, and that beauty can be appreciated no matter which sex you are. Without further ado, let’s check out the 12 stars that made it to our list.


1. Fergie

Even though we don’t know much about Fergie’s love life, not to mention her bisexual past, she is very open about going both ways. She claims that she has experimented with girls many times and she really liked it. But, as she says, she likes a “well-endowed” man more.

Regarding her sexual orientation, she says that she has always been honest about it with her fans as well as her husband. And it bothers her that people make such a big deal out of it. Fergie adds that all love is normal love, and that gay marriages should be a natural thing to do.

When it comes to her relationships (the ones that we know about), she has been linked to hotties such as TV host Mario Lopez and singer Justin Timberlake, but we think she scored the hottest of them all – actor Josh Duhamel, who has been her husband since 2004. He actually had a crush on her a long time before they met. The beautiful couple welcomed a son into their lives in 2013.

We like that she’s into girls, but we like her hubbie even more.

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