13 Most Famous Transsexuals 

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Lately, more and more celebrities are coming out as transgender. The stigma is slowly disappearing and LGBT rights are finally getting more recognition and respect. The most recent news of Bruce Jenner coming out as Caitlyn certainly didn’t go unnoticed and with it the world has come one step closer to accepting transgender as normal. It was another win for transsexual people all around the planet who are becoming more accepted in society.

These 13 stars have paved the way to all such people.

1. Conchita Wurst

When Conchita Wurst appeared in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 and then won it, the world was shocked. This bearded lady offered something completely new and never seen before at such competitions and it shook the audience. The comments went from extremely negative to extremely positive, but one thing was for certain – nobody was indifferent.


A year later, the dust has settled and the transgender community has come a long way since then. And Conchita Wurst significantly contributed to this. She actually doesn’t identify as transgender but as a man who has an alter ego of a woman. But we think she belongs on our list since all the attention she’s been getting definitely had a strong impact on the LGBT community and the way people perceive transsexuals.

She herself claims she has always had girlish preferences and even went to kindergarten in a skirt. She was always confident and brave to show her other side. Even when she was boycotted when she first entered the contest, she kept her optimism and didn’t mind the critics.

She will not only be remembered as the winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, but also as one of the most famous and influential performers at the contest to this day.

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