15 Celebrities That Have Aged Terribly

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We all have to grow old sometime, but stars are so unfortunate that they have to grow old in front of the eye of the public. Many of them struggle with the fact that their looks are fading and many cave in under the pressure and turn to plastic surgery in order to look more youthful, which usually only makes matters worse.

Take a look at these 15 stars that have certainly not aged gracefully at all:


1. Axl Rose


Do you remember the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll when Guns N’ Roses ruled the charts? And that red-headed, fierce-voiced hot young singer that girls were screaming for?

Axl Rose is one of the icons of hard rock and he was famous for more than just his music, he also had that legendary appearance with his long, red hair with a bandana, slender figure and a pretty face. We bet that he misses those days whenever he looks in the mirror because now he is far from that hot thing he used to be.

Thirty years later, Axl is 53 years old and he has put on some serious weight. That the years have caught up with him shows the cane Axl now brings wherever he goes. We do realize he has aged and some things are normal, but for a guy who claims he leads a healthy lifestyle, Axl doesn’t look too healthy. However, he is not giving up his old ways and is still rocking his old style, but we just miss the old straight-haired, bare-chested, hot Axl Rose.

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