15 Celebrities That Have Aged Terribly

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2. Kirstie Alley


Kirstie was a popular actress in the 80s and early 90s, mostly famous for her role of Rebecca in the TV show Cheers for which she got an Emmy and a Golden Globe. But her five minutes of fame have come and gone and ever since then she has been trying to make a comeback by filming and taking part in various reality shows.

As for her looks, they have deteriorated together with her career. We may sound too cruel, but what was once an attractive, curvy young girl is today an overweight middle-aged woman.

Over the years, her main problem was weight gain. In her youth, Kirstie was lucky enough to be able to eat how much and whatever she wanted. But when she hit early menopause in 1992, she started gaining weight. Throughout the years, she has been losing and gaining pounds but she never really managed to regain her slender figure. Training for Dancing with the Stars in 2011 did help her get in shape for a while.

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