15 Shockingly Dumb Celebrities

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They may look flawless on TV and they may have a fortune in the bank, but the truth is, some celebrities are just plain dumb. Fortunately for them, it seems you don’t have to be too smart to make it in show business.

Take a look at our list of shockingly dumb celebrities and see if you agree with us.

1. Kim Kardashian 


Kim Kardashian would certainly be one of the top contenders if we were to choose the dumbest celebrity of recent years. It’s a shame, but Kim became rich and famous only because our modern society has some special affection for talentless people.

This celebrity sees nothing weird about the fact that millions of people all over the world follow her on TV and social media just to see what stupid thing she’s going to do or say next. After all, she did gain her first serious media attention after her sex tape “leaked”, back in 2007. Kim’s marriage with Kris Humphries lasted no longer than the TV special about their overly expensive wedding.

She later married the controversial rapper Kanye West. The couple is reportedly expecting another baby, and because they decided to name their firstborn North West, the fans on Twitter are debating if the second child will be named South West. Speaking of Twitter, Kim is notorious for her inappropriate and often very dumb tweets. But, probably the stupidest thing Kim has ever done is not so well known about – she has injected her own blood in her face! She actually believes the process has the benefits of injecting Botox, without the negative side effects.

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