15 Shockingly Dumb Celebrities

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2. Metta World Peace 

Once an NBA superstar and one of the best defensive players in the world of basketball, Metta World Peace is a now only a target of ridicule. Although there have always been many shockingly dumb sport celebrities, no one probably came close to the player formerly known as Ron Artest.


He was always known as a magnet for trouble, a player with highly explosive behavior who was famous for starting and participating in fights on the court. He was once even a part of a brawl between fans and players during an NBA match. But, all of that stupidity didn’t seem to satisfy Ron who surprised the whole world in 2011 by legally changing his name to Metta World Peace!

And that was not the last dumb thing World Peace has done. Shortly after taking anger management classes, he was arrested twice because of assault and domestic violence charges. Metta World Peace even started recording rap albums at one point. No wonder, his career suffered and he was no longer welcome in the NBA. He tried his luck in China and Italy where he chose not to have his new name written at the back of his jerseys. Instead, he insisted that his self-given nickname “The Panda’s Friend” was written there. Ron, you never learn, do you?

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