20 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Drug Addicts

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Not all celebrities cope well with their new-found fame and fortune. In fact, most of them turn to vices and addictions. Whether it’s alcohol or drugs, stars from all areas of show-business somehow think it would help them come to terms with the pressure of fame. And then again, some of them just have more money than they could ever spend so they start spending it on drugs.

These 20 celebrities have battled drug addiction and while some of them have come out as winners, others have either lost the battle or are still struggling.


1. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is famous for being extremely candid with her fans and so she didn’t have a problem admitting that she had been an addict. Even though, she has come to terms with her fame since those days, and she has settled down.

Gaga was once a pretty wild child and she used drugs to help her cope with popularity. What drove her into the pits of addiction is the pressure she put on herself and the pressure everybody else put on her.

She found it difficult to smile when she was sad, but she felt she had to because it was expected of her. So, she started using cocaine to chase away the loneliness she had felt. Unlike some other party-animal stars, Gaga would sit at home and do cocaine on her own and she would write music while high.

But now she has left those days far behind her and she advises all her fans out there to stay away from drugs. Lady Gaga is definitely a changed person and a role model now.

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