20 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Drug Addicts

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2. Demi Lovato

This singer and actress started her career as a young Disney sweetheart. But there is a thin line between child stardom and a wrong life path. And while now, she says she in a great place and we can see her doing excellent and topping the charts with her new album, things weren’t always so smooth for her.

At 18, she voluntarily admitted herself into a rehabilitation facility for mental problems and alcohol and drug addiction. She realized she had bipolar disorder and couldn’t cope with her illness so she began using all kinds of substances to numb the pain.

She admitted doing horrific things, like smuggling cocaine on planes and disguising vodka as water so she could drink in the morning. But luckily, she realized what she was doing was self-destructive and decided to seek help.

Now, she is very vocal about her past addiction and mental disorder because she is aware that she is a role-model to many young people and she knows she can help others who are coping with similar problems.

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