20 Of Hollywood’s Ugliest Celebrities

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Known throughout the mid 90’s as a fashion impresario, Chloe Sevigny has graced magazine cover after magazine cover. She was heavily involved in the fashion scene as a model, an intern for Sassy Magazine, and just as an overall cool girl. In 1994 the then 19 year old actress/model caught the attention of journalist Jay McInerney and a 7 page article got written about her in The New Yorker. It was through that article that Sevigny got the title “coolest girl in the world”. That same year, the actress received critical acclaim for her role in the movie Boys Don’t Cry.

Sevigny is talented as she is enigmatic but she is no Hollywood beauty. Perpetually looking in need of a bath, her hair looks like it’s never been brushed since 1999 and her dark eye bags look like she’s never slept since then either. It’s not that she doesn’t have what it takes to look beautiful. Let’s face it, she’s never going to be Charlize Theron stunning, but she could at least try and make an effort?

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