4 Biggest Celebrity Feuds of 2015

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Contrary to popular belief, celebrities aren’t from another planet. They are people just like everyone else, only much more famous and rich. They fight and gossip, just like we do. They act immature from time to time, just like we do. And, they have enemies, just like us.

So, instead of focusing on your enemies, take a look at some of the most interesting and hilarious celebrity feuds of 2015 so far.

Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift

This feud is a true ladies’ feud. Why? – Because neither of the stars publicly named her opponent during the fight.

In an interview with the famous Rolling Stone magazine, Taylor confessed that her hit song Bad Blood was inspired by a rival singer. She said that this singer would come up to her at awards shows, insult her and then just walk away. Swift added: “And it wasn’t even about a guy. She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour by trying to hire a bunch of people out from under me”.

It didn’t take the fans on celebrity forums too long to realize who the rival singer is, because they found out that a couple of Red tour dancers quit only to join Katy’s Prism tour. The twist to the story was that their feud even started a new celebrity feud!

Perry’s DJ boyfriend Diplo and Taylor’s close friend Lorde launched evenly immature attacks on Twitter.

Both of them eventually cooled down and returned to making music. However, it is clear that Taylor and Katy haven’t buried the hatchet. Taylor released a video for Bad Blood in May this year, in which she asked another of her celebrity friends, Selena Gomez, to play her enemy who looks very much alike Katy. Taylor did win the fight over the fake Katy in the video, but we are sure the real Katy will not let the whole feud settle that easily.

Azealia Banks vs. Erykah Badu

Remember the good old days when hip-hop musicians used to beef through lyrics in their songs?

Yeah, sometimes it escalated like it did in the greatest celebrity feud of all time – the fight between West and East Coast rappers, but usually it was actually entertaining for fans.

Now, it seems it is “gangsta” to attack people on Twitter.

And Azealia Banks obviously believes that bashing on other stars online will make her look more badass. Knowing that Azealia was born and raised in Harlem, NYC, one would believe she should know better. One of her latest choice of targets really surprised everyone – Erykah Badu, legendary neo-soul singer.


After Badu was asked by a fan if she likes Azealia’s songs, she responded that she “tried” to listen to them, which enraged Banks. The young rapper tried to provoke a new Twitter war by calling Erykah “old” and “jealous”, and was probably very disappointed with the lack of response. Badu proved to be above the childish need for attention.

Selena Gomez vs. Miley Cyrus

Judging by the stars involved, you would imagine that this feud was ignited by Miley, right? – Wrong.

Even though Miley is doing her best to maintain the image of one of the most controversial and criticized celebrities today, in this case, America’s sweetheart Selena is to blame. It all started several years ago when Selena hooked up with Nick Jonas, who had dated Miley before. Cyrus found a way to get back at Gomez a little later. When Selena’s on-and-off boyfriend Justin Bieber and she broke up, Miley grabbed a chance and seduced young Bieber. There were even speculations that Justin got Miley pregnant, which truly angered Gomez.

Selena waited for her chance to retaliate for a long time, and it eventually came when Miley broke her engagement with Australian actor Liam Hemsworth.

Selena and Liam started a semi-secret relationship in 2014, and Miley was reportedly furious about the whole thing. While we were all waiting to see how Cyrus would respond, Selena tried to bury the hatchet at one party both singers attended not so long ago. Witnesses say that Miley almost completely ignored Selena and just walked away. One thing is certain, this war will go on.

Diddy vs. Drake

The feud between Diddy and Drake just recently got an unexpected happy end. As you may know, the clash between the 90’s rap icon/business mogul and the popular Canadian rapper started last autumn over a song.

Diddy and Drake were reportedly about to collaborate on a song 0 to 100, but Diddy hesitated for some reason which made Drake anxious. The Canadian rapper decided to record the song by himself, which made Puff Diddy angry. The American rapper confronted Drake about the issue when they stumbled upon each other.

Reportedly, Drake “showed no respect” for the older rapper which made Diddy show him how they resolved similar feuds in the golden ages of hip hop – he went on full assault and punched his rival.

The fight didn’t escalate, as bodyguards pushed the two rappers away from each other. But, we witnessed something which threatened to escalate into a dangerous feud in the coming months, as friends of both parties got involved.

And, just when everybody believed we were at the beginning of another rap war, Drake and Diddy squashed their beef!

Apparently, they realized that it would be considerably more lucrative for both of them to put their feelings aside and to join forces considering several business deals. It is still unclear on which projects the two rappers will collaborate, but it is clear that love conquers all… Love for green, that is.