50 Cent Sues Rick Ross for Using “In Da Club” without Permission

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50 Cent is suing his fellow rapper, Rock Ross for rapping over his mega-hit song “In Da Club” on his Renzel Remixes mixtape.

50 is allegedly furious that Rick Ross dared to use his song without his permission in order to promote his new album. G-Unit lawyers filed a lawsuit on December 23, demanding no less than $2 million in damages from the rapper.


This lawsuit is a little debatable since 50 Cent is known for using other musicians’ music to promote his albums, but the ongoing beef between 50 and Ross could be an explanation for it. Two rappers have been in a feud for years now, one that actually includes a lawsuit over a sex tape. Namely, 50 had to pay $7 million to Ross for uploading a sex tape with Ross’s baby mama.

Apparently, it’s payback time.