Amber Rose: ‘I Started Striping When I Was Just 15’

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Amber Rose became widely known during her relationship with Kanye West, after which she started a prolific modeling career. But before rising to fame Amber had some really tough days.

We all knew that she is an ex stripper, but in an interview with Cosmopolitan she shares that she started stripping at the young age of 15! As she says, her parents got divorced while she was just a child. Her mother was taking care of Amber, but they lived in poverty.

She didn’t want to live in poverty and she wanted to find a way to make quick cash, so she started stripping when she was only 15!

“I was really, really young. When I was on stage for the first time I thought to myself: “Oh, hell no, I can’t do this!” I was just a child and I think that I was still a virgin back then. It was a big deal for me being on stage with my boobs out, and my first thought was that stripping isn’t for me.”


However, as she got older her confidence grew and at the age of 18 she was ready to hit the scene again. The 31-year old model really loved stripping and it was a job that she did all up until she was 25.

It was the best part of my life, I had so much fun. I was young, beautiful, every night on the stage, and I wasn’t ashamed of my body. At the time I made some lifelong friends,” Amber recalls.

The Kardashians often used Amber’s striper past to tarnish her reputation, but it seems that this model is having none of it. She is proud of her past and she looks back at her stripper days with joy, knowing that she did what she had to do to get out of the jaws of poverty.

She is well aware that she became famous thanks to a man, but she made it as a model and dug her way out of poverty by herself which is, if you ask me, inspiring.