Azealia Banks Arrested for Assault

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24-year-old rapper Azealia Banks was arrested on Wednesday in the early morning hours in New York in front of the Manhattan nightclub Up&Down after assaulting a female security guard.

Banks was trying to make her way into the club when she was stopped for not having a stamp. The club was hosting a private, invite-only party, but the rapper didn’t really have much understanding for it and wanted to get in anyway. A familiar “Don’t you know who I am?” situation ensued and Azealia lost her temper when she wasn’t recognized by the female bouncer.


But then the culmination of the situation happened – Azealia spat into the woman’s face and when the security grabbed her to control her and get her away, she bit the bouncer in the boob. According to the sources, it wasn’t a pleasant scene to behold as the rapper almost ripped the shirt off the poor woman’s breast with her teeth.

Azealia was arrested on the spot and charged with misdemeanor of third degree but she was released in the evening.

This is not the first time Azalea has been spotted publically attacking somebody. Just a few months ago, she assaulted a flight attendant during her New York to Los Angeles flight. And it’s well-known that Miss Banks hates when people don’t acknowledge her “importance” as she is not a stranger to rage outbursts on Twitter.