Bill Cosby Facing a Defamation Lawsuit

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Now, Dickinson is suing Cosby not for raping her but for causing her emotional distress intentionally. Namely, she feels she should be reimbursed for the damage Cosby and his lawyer caused to her reputation when they denied that the comedian drugged and raped her 33 years ago, in a hotel room in California.

Them claiming such a thing made Dickinson appear as a liar and a false victim.

Janice wasn’t the only woman who claimed Cosby raped her. In fact, recently many women came out saying that they too have been the victims of Cosby’s lack of respect for women and his inappropriate sexual behavior, to put it lightly.

During the interview Cosby had with Entertainment Tonight, he was accused by many women to have drugged and sexually abused them in the past.

What Dickinson now wants, if she really can’t put Cosby in jail for what he did to her (and many other women, allegedly), is for him to take back his denials about his past misdeeds. Since he refused to do so, Dickinson sent an email to his lawyer and didn’t receive a reply in a timely manner, but the attorney didn’t fail to send a letter to The Associated Press, and claim that what Dickinson is claiming are lies, and that her allegations are “false and outlandish”.

In her lawsuit, Dickinson explained what happened that day in 1982.


Cosby gave her wine and a pill while they were in a hotel room, and when she was drugged he raped her. She wrote an autobiography which was going to be published in 2002, and in that book she wanted to openly speak about what had happened, but her publisher didn’t let her go public.

You’re probably wondering how did Cosby not end up in jail if he was accused of raping someone.

Well, Dickinson didn’t actually go to the police immediately because she was afraid that Cosby will then want to hurt her again and seek revenge, and when she gathered enough courage to actually do it, it was already too late for the comedian to be criminally prosecuted for the crime, because it was such a long time ago.

So, Janice is now seeking another way to satisfy justice, and this, according to her attorney Lisa Bloom, is her chance to do so.

There were three other women that sued Cosby for defamation, and they all wanted their reputation restored, because being branded a liar was hurtful. That is exactly what Janice wants – the truth to be out in the open, and her reputation restored.