Celebrities That Keep Commiting Crimes against Fashion

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Celebrities are under pressure to always look good so we can sometimes forgive them an ocasional slip when it comes to fashion. But it seems that some stars just don’t have a sense of style at all. They jump from one fail to another on the red carpet and make us wonder whether they need to fire their stylists or if they are just naturally talentless for fashion.

Either way, here are some of the unforgivable looks of some of the biggest stars in show-business.

1. Pamela Anderson

It’s true that we fell in love with Pamela in her swimming suit, so we’re probably a bit biased when it comes to her clothes. But the fact is that this sexy actress has had some of the most outragously awful outfits throughout the years. Her worst sin is showing off too much of her attributes and leaving little to the imagination. And so she ended up with ridiculous dresses with cleavage popping out and legs flashing more than once. And don’t even get us started on bad hair extensions which she obviously can’t live without.

2. Britney Spears

Britney has had some questionable fashion choices over the years, but when she got popular in the 90s, it was more or less acceptable. Who can ever forget the all-denim look matching with her then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake? But nearly twenty years have passed, and Britney doesn’t seem to have learned her lesson. We partly understand it because she has been through a lot. But her outfits are mostly hit or miss, while sometimes she looks mature, at other times she just looks like she is stuck in the past.

3. I.Am


This guy always seems like he is trying too hard. He is obviously trying to be very innovative and futuristic when it comes to his music AND when it comes to his clothes as well. Most of the time, however, singer and music producer, Will.I.Am just looks ridiculous. His outfits are always full of strange hats and weird sneakers, pants that seem too short and shiny jackets with bows. All of that is topped by ugly sunglasses every time, which, we guess, are supposed to make him look cool.

4. Ke$ha

We’re not quite sure whether Ke$ha’s goal is to shock us on the red carpet or is she just completely void of any fashion sense. We get that she’s young, wild and free but that doesn’t justify her outrageous outfits. Her looks usually include awful leggy displays and over-the-top make-up. The colors that she chooses are also pretty edgy with striking green and body paint all over her, and sometimes she just looks like a hobo from the street.

5. Justin Bieber

We understand that we will bring the readers’ wrath upon us with this one, but we can’t help it – Biebs manages to get it right quite rarely when it comes to fashion. Starting from his boyish looks that went mostly unnoticed except from the screaming girl fans, Justin is now a more-or-less grown man who makes his own fashion choices. Unfortunately, those choices make him look like a douchebag. Everything from his bleached blonde hair, to his drop crotch pants screams failure.

6. Madonna

Unfortunatelly, we had to include the former icon of style on our list. Even though, during her prime, Madona’s style was considered controversial but ahead of her time, nowadays, she just seems desperate for attention. We have to respect her long career, but now it’s time to let go. However, Madonna, who is 57 now, doesn’t agree with us. She is doing everything in her power to stay relevant at the music scene. Sadly, that includes wearing ridiculously tiny outfits that make her look more like a hooker than a respected musician.