Dan Bilzerian’s Most Idiotic Moments

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Dan Bilzerian is a 34-year-old professional poker player and an actor with a net worth of more than $100 million. Even though he has mostly inherited his fortune from his super-wealthy businessman father, he doesn’t seem to care. He’s having it much better than most of us and he makes sure we know it.

In fact, with 12.8 million followers, he’s been nicknamed the “Instagram King” and he posts outrageous pictures of him surrounded by guns, money, and half-naked ladies almost daily. He is obviously determined to be remembered as the ultimate playboy millionaire. But while some admire him and wish they could be him, others think he is an absolute idiot.

Let’s see why that latter opinion is much more plausible.

1. Heart Attack X3

Ok, so this is not an idiotic moment as it is an idiotic lifestyle. Rumor has it that this multi-millionaire has had three heart attacks already and all due to his lavish lifestyle. And if you take one look at his Instagram profile, you will see why. Every photo he posts is extremely boastful. There are different girls in his home every day, partying like there’s no tomorrow. We can only imagine how much drugs and alcohol is involved at these parties.

Once he even posted a picture of himself with a lion on a leash in the background. And when he’s not posting photos of girls, parties, cars or wild animals, he just posts one of his stacks of money, in case we suddenly forgot how filthy rich he is.

2. Tossing a Porn Star off the Roof

It’s just as crazy as it sounds. In April 2014, Hustler magazine was having a photo shoot which involved Bilzerian. At one moment Bilzerian was supposed to toss 18-year-old Janice Griffith, porn actress, off the roof and into the pool. It was all fun and games, both Bilzerian and the girl were laughing and having a great time. But as she fell, she caught the edge of the pool and broke her foot.


The whole scene was caught on video, of course. The young porn actress asked for $85,000 for her injuries, but Bilzerian had no intention of paying her anything. Then she decided to sue both him and Hustler magazine, but their attorney stated that the toss was an “act of God” and that they weren’t at fault. Griffith didn’t get a cent.

3. Kicking a Woman in the Face

Dan Bilzerian is banned for life from LIV Nightclub in Miami after kicking an innocent woman in the face. The incident happened in August 2014 while Bilzerian was celebrating his birthday. And unlucky for him, again there is footage of the whole incident.

The video shows him dancing on the podium and then lashing out on a woman below him, kicking her right in the face. The unfortunate woman was model Vanessa Castano who was left with a bleeding eye and she claimed that she had only tried to break up a girl fight when she felt the blow on her face. After seeing the footage, she was determined to take legal action against Bilzerian. The playboy had nothing to say.

4. Bomb-Making Charges

In December 2014, Bilzerian was arrested at LAX airport on bomb-making charges. We already knew that Bilzerian was obsessed with weapons and that he possessed a ton of guns and other firearms, but on this occasion he was caught with a bunch of chemicals that when combined make TNT.

We have no idea what in the world he was intending to do with those, but he was luckily arrested before we could find out. As always, Bilzerian was able to get out of trouble without any consequences and he was out of jail the same day, released on bail. He was quick to post a photo from his private jet, cozy under the blankets with two models, celebrating getting out of prison. We’re sure it was “quite a scare” for the millionaire.

5. Presidential Candidacy

If you thought Donald Trump was bad, we bet you didn’t know Dan Bilzerian is also running for president. In June 2015, he announced his candidacy but he hasn’t really gone through much campaigning since then, except for one pretty racy video featuring a crazy pool party with, you guessed it, ton of half-naked girls dancing around him. We’re not really sure how this kind of video would help him win the elections, but he knows best.

After he announced his candidacy, many assumed he was just trolling the nation because he has absolutely no chance of winning. But then again, he just might be that big of an idiot to think he could actually win. And if you though he was too young to be President, you’re right, but by Election Day he will actually be 35. Could you imagine the world with Dan Bilzerian as the President!?